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Greensider Foundation is a non-profit organisation, established in 2022. Our mission is to grow and empower the green workforce.

To achieve this, we are building a green career platform with three main components:

  • Work: a free and open space where you can find green jobs and discover like-minded people and organisations.
  • Stories: a podcast where we interview people with green jobs so everyone can learn what's out there and get inspired.
  • Community: a Discord community where we run a monthly book club and encourage friendly exchange on sustainability topics and beyond.

Our long-term goal, provided we are able to generate sufficient funds, is to support people with limited financial means in gaining green skills, thus enabling a just transition to our greener future.

We are building Greensider on our own free time, without sponsors. As a micro organisation, we really appreciate any support we can get. If you like what we do, spread the word!

P.S. Now that we have profiles up and running, check out our organisation profile on Greensider!


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Yongsi Chen

Yongsi Chen


Yongsi has an everyday passion for leading a greener life and founded this organisation to assist the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future. She is also the host of the Greensider Stories podcast; that is when she's not busy running Greensider Foundation, gardening or swimming! You might sometimes hear her introduce herself as Amanda, her English name.

But why don't you hear it from the founder herself:

"Whilst studying for my second Masters in Carbon Management at the University of Edinburgh, I was researching how I could land myself a green job. One thing I did was chatting with my classmates who already had the experience. Then I thought, why not share it around!? That was how the podcast started. Later, with the findings from my dissertation on university graduates' attitude on green graduate jobs, I aspired to work as a facilitator for the green workforce by creating this foundation. Before catching the 'green' bug, I was a creative translator for some well known brands in fashion."

Alexandros Baramilis

Alexandros Baramilis

Tech Co-Founder

Alexandros — besides the design and development of this website — composed and performed the intro and outro tune of the Greensider Stories podcast on the mandolin, which became an instant hit. I don't play the mandolin by the way, I play the guitar. And yes it's me, Alex, writing this, giving credit to myself.


Special thanks to the talented Patti Ruan, who contributed the artwork on our front page. Check out her site for more amazing illustrations:

A warm thank you to all the awesome guests that come on the Greensider Stories podcast and share their career stories. You are the inspiration that people need to work towards a better future.

Last but not least, countless thanks to all the people that contribute to our growth at this early stage by giving us invaluable feedback and support, engaging in conversations and helping us get noticed!